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    2021 titanium tip


    The Omni Tip – A Nona notched completely contoured extraction chamber that doubles as a built in grinder sits atop a trisected 9 fin profile allowing for faster heat exchange. Contained inside the extraction chamber is our two position Adjust-a-Bowl feature that allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs.

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    21 SS TIP


    2 Position adjust-a-bowl Septa Serrated Fully Faceted Extraction Chamber Incremental fin profile  

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    Curated Dynavap Trifecta Tip kit


    This curated Dynavap Tip package features the Standard Titanium tip, Captive cap, and Copper Full Metal Jacket. This package will give you the best Dynavap Experience as this particular generation Titanium tip reacts well with the thermal transfer from the FMJ, has multiple screen positions, and has some of the best airflow you can get […]

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    Precision engineered component allowing for filtration of fine particles without restricting the airflow you’ve come to enjoy from DynaVap devices. This product is compatible with all Titanium and Stainless Steel Tips, and each three-pack should offer months of extended use.

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    The Signature Dynavap Titanium Tip features 5 fins for effective control of heat distribution and 3 helical heat exchange channels for improved air flow and vapor production. The Adjust-A-Bowl grooves allow 3 different levels of material capacity for customized use by simply re-positioning the titanium CCD.

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