Titanium Vortex

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    NEW Simrell Stinger


    A modular Vortex system adaptable to any OEM or aftermarket Dynavap stem. The Simrell Mouthpiece features a titanium intercooler, titanium mouthpiece and telescoping condenser that allows it to fit any stem. For the full vortex experience, all you need is the new mouthpiece and a Simrell Stem. Attach a tip and cap and you’re good […]

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    Please Note** The Tip & Cap is sold separately. NEW Short Vortex We took everything you love about your Vortex stem, condensed it down into a smaller, convenient package, and reduced the price. The Short Vortex (2½ inches) uses the same length intercooler, but is more than a half inch shorter than the Standard Vortex […]

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    Please Note** The Tip & Cap is sold separately. Upgrade your Dynavap Improve your Dynavap with cooler vapor, better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap vaporizers have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready […]

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