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    Sandblasted 4 groove 5 fin Ti Tip


    The Signature Dynavap Titanium Tip features 5 fins for effective control of heat distribution and 3 helical heat exchange channels for improved air flow and vapor production. The Adjust-A-Bowl grooves allow 3 different levels of material capacity for customized use by simply re-positioning the titanium CCD.

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    Titanium Shorty Vortex w/ Intercooler


    Back by popular demand

    Standing at 2.44″ (( size of The “M” fully assembled )) the Shorty Vortex is the smallest of our devices. This original cooling system is a little pocket rocket that can deliver cool tasty rips, or you can remove the intercooler for an experience that’s bound to make you look at your device and question how the hell it slaps like an angry mother back in the 90’s. When used with a Dynavap Tip/cap, this setup will fit in the same stash as your “M”. Pair with a Highflow Intercooler and low temp cap for some flavorful hits or pair with a standard cap and standard Intercooler for optimal extraction and cooling. When using our Titanium Adapter, the Shorty Vortex can be used as a whip mouthpiece or a Storez & Bickel Mighty/Crafty mouthpiece.

    **Tip/Cap sold separately**

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