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We strive to offer functional pieces of art here at The Simrell Collection. And we know that the FMJ, while incredibly successful in delivering a one-hit extraction and helping beginners unlock the true potential of the Dynavap tip & cap, does not keep its beautiful exterior for long. The discoloration of the FMJ is natural and occurs with any amount of use. So we looked for a material that could retain a brilliant exterior without sacrificing performance. 

After extensive testing, we learned that stainless steel (both 300 & 400 series), 99% silver, and titanium delivered an inferior experience to the copper FMJ. Enter: the 24K Gold Plated FMJ. 

The 24K Gold Plated FMJ offers the same incredible extraction you get from the original FMJ, without the pesky discoloration. Now you can enjoy your sessions and then put your stem back on display, confident that it still looks good.

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**Preorders of the 24K Gold FMJ are anticipated to ship in October. Everything in your order will be set aside until that time. If you would like to grab something else, i would reccomend placing 2 seperate orders. 

I decided to open up a preorder so everyone who is interested in participating in the first public release has an opportunity. This way no one is left out during the initial release. It’s the least I can do for all the support of everyone who has been following my journey, staying tuned into social media channels, email newsletter, and investing in Simrell. I don’t want anyone to feel left out, Including my international supporters.

Why 24K gold?

After extensive testing, we learned that stainless steel, silver, and titanium delivered an inferior experience to the copper FMJ. No matter what heat source you use, torch or induction heater, the performance was not the same. 

With 24K gold, we are able to give you the same extraction experience you get with the FMJ without the discoloration. 

What’s the difference? 

The exterior. While the science behind the FMJ is still the same, a 99.9% copper sleeve for your vapcap, we have now plated it in 24K gold, so your stem is always ready for display. 


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