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The master pack includes all of our Titanium MVS components with the option to add a Standard Titanium Tip and captive SS cap. Built for Performance Our patent pending Modular Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow. The sleek two-part titanium stem now has two airport configurations, […]



The master pack includes all of our Titanium MVS components with the option to add a Standard Titanium Tip and captive SS cap.

Built for Performance

Our patent pending Modular Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow.

The sleek two-part titanium stem now has two airport configurations, with all the wiggle room in between. The top half houses a standard fully open airport AND the new dual turbulent airport. Rotate the bottom half of the stem to adjust airflow as needed with our signature teardrop airport to curate the perfect hit. And don’t forget to flutter the airport to really get the best pull.

Modularity at its Finest

The core of the MVS is our patent pending telescoping mouthpiece system. Now you can choose between the stationary mouthpiece (( Stinger )) or the NEW spinning mouthpiece. Each mouthpiece comes with the Dual condenser pack which enables adjustment from 45mm – 85mm. With the adjustable mouthpiece system, you can adjust the length of your device on the fly with the Regulator valves. With the NEW Mini Valve, you can have the full airflow modularity of the standard regulator, now in a more compact package, Measuring 63mm when paired with the mouthpiece. 

These mouthpieces are also made to be adaptable to any OEM or aftermarket DynaVap stem.


Our titanium intercoolers work by elongating the vapor path and acting as a heat sink to extract heat from the vapor. The T-design on the intercoolers are a built-in safety feature to prevent inhalation. It also acts as a filter to stop scooby snacks coming through the screen. When cleaning, the intercooler is a great way to capture your reclaim as it scrapes the inside of the condenser when removed. This gives a great initial clean and is an optimal way to capture your reclaim if you’re into that sort of thing. Originally introduced with the unibody Vortex stem, the Intercooler is one of the main features of our patent pending Vortex System. We have since created NEW intercoolers to further modify your experience. 

MVS Standard Titanium Intercooler 

  • Designed with a slightly larger outside diameter to fit MVS condensers more precisely.
  • Designed for the best balance of airflow, flavor and cooling.
  • Fits MVS condenser systems.

Flavorful High Flow 

  • Featuring less twists, the highflow intercooler increases the flavor and airflow while slightly reducing the amount of cooling that the standard intercooler provides.
  • Fits both unibody Vortex stems, and MVS condenser systems..

XL Cooling 

  • Designed for more cooling, the XL intercooler has an increased surface area of 60%.
  • However it does reduce the airflow and flavor when compared to the other options.
  • Fits XL MVS systems.

No DynaVap Tip Limitations & More device adaptations.

The MVS’s modularity is apparent right down to the tip and cap. Unlike other stems in the marketplace, the MVS is not limited to a specific tip. It will work with both stainless steel AND titanium tips from any generation.

Mix and match your tips and caps, find your preferred airflow and start having an extraction experience like no other, tailored just for you. 

With the outside diameter of the MVS, it is adaptable to a wide range of other thermal extraction devices.


Even Easier to Clean & Maintain

The MVS is as easy to clean as it is to put together. Disassemble, remove intercooler from Stinger and soak all the parts in ISO. Rinse clean and dry before putting it back together.


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Titanium Tip & Cap

Add Tip & Cap, No Tip & Cap

11 reviews for Titanium M.V.S Master Pack

  1. Rick Rezon (verified owner)

    If you’re on the fence about buying one of these just do yourself a favor, stop thinking about it and buy it, you will not be disappointed. I had been hearing about Simrell for close to a year before I decided to check them out and man do I wish I had done it sooner! The vapor is so cool that I when I first got it I wasn’t sure if I was getting a hit but I sure a hell was, with some fat clouds too. This is hands down my favorite stem to use and I’ve been pairing it with a 20m tip for use with an IH and a ti tip when using a torch. The MVS has been seeing more use than my 21 Omni and Vong. I was even able to hook it up to my mighty and man was that the best hit I’ve had out of it.

  2. Bob T.

    I didn’t think there was a way to top the vortex but the MVS does! Really digging the turbulent airflow setting. The modular abilites to put the stinger mouthpiece on any stem is a great bonus feature. I’ve yet to find a better stem it performs on but it definitely brings life to my collection of less used stems! Thanks for the quality and professionalism.

  3. VulnerableToTheVape (verified owner)

    Just like with any other product in the Simrell Collection, you can tell that time and love went into creating the MVS. The MVS stem set out to create an OnDemand airflow adjustable stem for the Dynavap tip and cap. With the stinger natively fitting into a 10mm female adapter, this piece can be used with a water pipe just as easily as it can without. Austyn has outdone himself with this stem. Perfecting the innovation that DynaVap tried to bring us with their 2021 Vong, this stem has quickly become a daily driver that hits hard and produces a surprising amount of vapor.

    Personal Favorite: Set the teardrop airport to the turbulence configuration and let it rip.

  4. Matt C. (verified owner)

    My favorite stem. Well worth the money. You can tell it’s built to last. The Modular design makes it very easy to take apart for cleaning. The vapor is significantly smoother and cooler than a standard dynavap stem which allows me to take bigger hits. Just buy one you won’t regret it!

  5. Dalton Woodliff (verified owner)

    Hands down best Dynavap stem on the market at the moment. Praise to Austyn for the amazing work on this and his other products!

  6. Chuck B. (verified owner)

    I was on the fence about spending so much on a stem set up for the Dynavap tips and cap i already have, i mean can it really be all that much better than everything on the market? I finally ordered a piece from Simrell Collection after a year of owning dynavaps and loving them. I really thought i had been suckered when i tried it for the first time, absolutely NO THROAT irritation or harshness of vapor but a huuuuge cloud upon exhale. Biggest hit ive taken yet with a dyna combo even with a water piece. The MVS is the smoothest coolest native hit you can get period. I wish i still lived in the same state as Mr. Simrell as i would be volunteering my time to help him produce these for the world. They are very very well worth the $$$ and any wait time for your own.

  7. Joe J (verified owner)

    Absolute best stem! Bought one in early May and even though it said back-ordered, it shipped the very next day.
    The MVS became my daily driver since.
    It is a beautiful finely crafted piece.

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    I didn’t think I’d love anything as much as my Shortex but, I was wrong. Fantastic product, artisan level finish and design, a joy to vape with. Combined with a Dynacoil, it’s the perfect product.

    Get it bruvs.

  9. Christopher Kelley (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I have a few dynvap M’s and the old Omni XL, I bought a vortex during the 420 sale last year and it quickly became my favorite and replaced my other vapes. This is hands down one of the best dry herb vapes out there. Glad I purchased this product , I didn’t know the original vortex could be improved upon like this! If you like dynavaps, you will not be disappointed by the MVS…you’ll quickly be picking up the MVS over your other vapes!

  10. Andrew R. (verified owner)

    I get amazing performance out of this thing. The modularity adds some nice features and cleaning is easy. Great with a 10-15s heat up time induction heater.

  11. Jessamin

    I use this with my Mighty and it is even BETTER than inhaling through a water pipe.
    10 stars!

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