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Standing at 2.44″ (( size of The “M” stem )) the Shorty Vortex is the smallest of our devices. This original cooling system is a little pocket rocket that can deliver cool tasty rips, or you can remove the intercooler for an experience that’s bound to make you look at your device and question how the hell it slaps like an angry mother back in the 90’s. When used with a Dynavap Tip/cap, this setup will fit in the same stash as your “M”. Pair with a Highflow Intercooler and low temp cap for some flavorful hits or pair with a standard cap and standard Intercooler for optimal extraction and cooling. When using our Titanium Adapter, the Shorty Vortex can be used as a whip mouthpiece or a Storez & Bickel Mighty/Crafty mouthpiece.

**Tip/Cap sold separately**

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Please note** Due to the anodizing process, the color may vary from the example photographed above.

Upgrade your Dynavap

Improve your Dynavap with cooler , better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready to use. With a little practice, this flame powered Thermal Extraction Device delivers tasty, powerful extraction from small amounts of material. The Dynavap lives by simplicity and elegance, ditching the batteries for any other heat source. The Vortex Stem builds on that, adding a touch of class with a luxurious, top-shelf feel and improved performance.

Simply sophisticated

The Vortex Stem is built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe. The distinctive Simrell logo is artistically offset from the airport. When you look at the logo head on, you can see straight through the airport, into the unobstructed airpath that creates the vortex.

Offset airport changes the game

With the original Dynavap, air enters through the airport and randomly disperses around the condenser tube before reaching the heating chamber. With the Vortex Stem, however, air spirals around the tube, creating a vortex that literally pulls the extraction out of your herbs, for denser, thicker production. The airport’s teardrop shape and tapered edge let you fine tune the air flow like never before.

Coolest Dyna-experience around

The Vortex Stem’s durable, medical grade titanium intercooler produces some of the coolest, smoothest production you can get from a Dynavap, with even more air flow. Its spiral shape lengthens the air path, and creates more surface area to cool before reaching your lips.

 Standard Titanium Intercooler

  • Designed for the best balance of airflow, flavor and cooling.

 Flavorful High Flow ( sold separately )

  • Featuring less twists, the highflow intercooler increases the flavor and airflow while slightly reducing the amount of cooling that the standard intercooler provides.
  • Fits both unibody Vortex stems, and MVS condenser systems


One piece, easy to clean design

Cleaning the Vortex Stem couldn’t be easier, due to its unibody design without o-rings. Remove the intercooler from the stem, and soak both parts in some rubbing alcohol (we recommend using isopropyl alcohol, with an alcohol content of 91% or higher, to protect the anodizing). Rinse, dry, assemble, and its ready to use!


Add just the tip and cap

The Simrell Vortex includes the unibody and intercooler, and works with any Dynavap tip and cap (not included). To complete the kit, you will need a Dynavap tip and a Dynavap cap, or use your existing ones. To upgrade your current Dynavap, simply swap your current body, condenser tube and o-rings for the Simrell Vortex. Assembly is a snap with the Simrell unibody design.


** All Vortex Stems come stock with the Titanium Intercooler and will ship in a complimentary storage tube

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Standard, Highflow, Both


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