Vapman Airflow Actuator



The Vapman Airflow Actuator was developed to increase the performance of the Vapman. Restricting the incoming air inside of the Vapman Midsection will increase the oven pressure, increasing the internal oven temperature, resulting in a denser extraction. The Airflow Actuator comes with an optional Titanium Intercooler that will make the increased extraction temperature more comfortable if you have a sensitive throat. The Actuator is designed to pair with our Titanium spinning mouthpiece, adding even more modularity within the Simrell Ecosystem.



The Airflow Actuator features:

  • Oval air inlets for compatibility to all Vapmans (( Both Swiss and Italian versions ))
  • Titanium Intercooler
  • Notches above the air inlets for visual airflow adjustment
  • Acts as a liner to make cleaning much easier

To use the Actuator, make sure the Vapman Midsection is clean and lubricated with wood conditioner. Simply insert the actuator, adjust the airflow to your desired setting and enjoy.

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