Titanium Vortex ( XL )

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Upgrade your Dynavap Improve your Dynavap with cooler , better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready to vape. With a little practice, this […]

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Upgrade your Dynavap

Improve your Dynavap with cooler , better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready to vape. With a little practice, this flame powered Thermal Extraction Device delivers tasty, powerful extraction from small amounts of material. The Dynavap lives by simplicity and elegance, ditching the batteries for any other heat source. The Vortex Stem builds on that, adding a touch of class with a luxurious, top-shelf feel and improved performance.

Simply sophisticated

The Vortex Stem is built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe. The distinctive Simrell logo is artistically offset from the airport. When you look at the logo head on, you can see straight through the airport, into the unobstructed airpath that creates the vortex.

Offset airport changes the game

With the original Dynavap, air enters through the airport and randomly disperses around the condenser tube before reaching the heating chamber. With the Vortex Stem, however, air spirals around the tube, creating a vortex that literally pulls the extraction out of your herbs, for denser, thicker production. The airport’s teardrop shape and tapered edge let you fine tune the air flow like never before.

Coolest Dyna-experience around

The Vortex Stem’s durable, medical grade titanium intercooler produces some of the coolest, smoothest production you can get from a Dynavap, with even more air flow. Its spiral shape lengthens the air path, and creates more surface area to cool before reaching your lips.


One piece, easy to clean design

Cleaning the Vortex Stem couldn’t be easier, due to its unibody design without o-rings. Remove the intercooler from the stem, and soak both parts in some rubbing alcohol (we recommend using isopropyl alcohol, with an alcohol content of 91% or higher, to protect the anodizing). Rinse, dry, assemble, and vape!


Add just the tip and cap

The Simrell Vortex includes the unibody and intercooler, and works with any Dynavap tip and cap (not included). To complete the kit, you will need a Dynavap tip and a Dynavap cap, or use your existing ones. To upgrade your current Dynavap, simply swap your current body, condenser tube and o-rings for the Simrell Vortex. Assembly is a snap with the Simrell unibody design.


** All Vortex Stems come stock with the Titanium Intercooler and will ship in a complimentary storage tube

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No Cap, Captive cap, Standard cap, Low Temp Cap


No Tip, Standard Ti, 21 Ti, 21 SS

20 reviews for Titanium Vortex ( XL )

  1. Dave G

    I got my stem from Sneaky Pete (Canadian eh?) but can honestly say it’s the coolest most flavoured hits I’ve ever experienced.

    The design of the vortex creates lots of cool airflow thru the tip to pick up all that lovely vape. Well worth the price. Art quality work.

  2. Brittin Roberts

    This vaporizer is the best vaporizer I’ve had the pleasure of owning. The Simrell Vortex + Intercooler gives me the smoothest, coolest, tastiest clouds. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and design is flawless. One of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. Tear drop airport is where you can really wield some great clouds. I will be buying another one!

  3. Sean

    I got the xl model in trippy hippy finish, this is the best you can get for a dynavap it’s 100% excellence. Beautiful fit and finish, hand feel is amazing ( and a underrated metric ) compared to 2020m the airflow is significantly better, vapour is fluffy and it’s fun to watch it come out spinning if you put it through glass. I would replace it immediately if mine went missing for what it’s worth.

  4. Alex

    I absolutely love my Vortex. It’s cooler hits and feels very nice in your hands. As an asthmatic I would recommend this product as it’s better for my throat that dynavap 👍

    The Vortex with Crafty/Mighty combo is 10/5

  5. John Graham

    The Simrell Vortex xl with intercooler is the best vaporizer ever. Beats out every other model dynavap in coolness of vapor and the way the vapor is so smooth. Got mine with a Simrell stash which is a excellent stash. Top quality on both products. You can use a master adapter or delta 3d studios adapter you can put the titanium vortex stem in a water pipe without scratching it. The Simrell Vortex with intercooler always blows everyone away who tries it. Is the best dynavap accessory that I have gotten. I loved it so much that I have now ordered another Simrell wooden galaxy burl, and I am awaiting that, should get tomorrow, fast shipping. Got it so I could use straight with a water pipe, and not get any scratches from the glass. So excited. Love Austyn’s work. Beautiful. You won’t be sorry ordering, and cleaning it is a breeze. Just the best. That’s all there is to it. Austyn is a pleasure to work with too. He will go above and beyond for you. Simrell has great service and products. Can’t say enough good things. So much detailed work. It’s amazing what Austyn does. Order one yourself and see what all the hype is about. You won’t be sorry. Thanks.

  6. J R

    Excellent cooling with the integration of the intercooler paired with great customer service. Highly recommended.

  7. Kevin

    Hands down the best dynavap stem out there. Keeps the vapor cool hit after hit. Amazing product, from an even more amazing owner. Such a pleasure dealing with Austin, he really cares about each stem/order. Would recommend 100%

  8. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Such an amazing experience from a tiny change . I have been using the dynavap m 2019 since I got it and have tried various glass stems . Since I am very accident prone I decided to invest in the simrell vortex stem . And it does not disappoint whatsoever . I am so glad I made the investment .

  9. Robert

    Excellent experience with the product and the customer service is spot on! Got to pick from the available cocobolo stems and I appreciate that from Austyn. 4 simrell stems in I think I’m hooked lol My favorite is definitely the bolo stem but they all work well to cool the vapor and operate a little differently so it’s worth owning multiple if your able

  10. McDaniel

    When it comes to an everyday use Dynavap stem, nothing beats the Vortex. I bought both the XL and the short Vortex, and love them both. They provide superior performance, great design, easy cleaning, and they are made by a great company to work with. I couldn’t recommend them more.

  11. Al

    From customer service to receiving the product, nothing but quality. Experience been amazing and I cant wait till customs come back!

  12. Simian Bull

    Absolutely incredible! It is a piece of artwork, beautiful and well designed. I normally have to water cool all of my vapor, due to coughing, but with this I haven’t needed to! This quickly became my favorite vaping device, and since this thing is super durable, it is most likely going to be my favorite vaping tool forever. Thank you so much!!

  13. Jonathan

    This thing absolutely rips!! And it truly does have an elegance to it; the contours, the teardrop carb, and the feel in the hand. It can stand on it’s own and cool MASSIVE hits very effectively, but I’ve really enjoyed using it with glass, using the master adapter to avoid direct contact with glass as it CAN scratch, a quality inherent to titanium.

    One thing I recommend trying is using it with a glass piece, without water. Start a hit covering the carb, then slowly spin the vorex to gradually expose the carb from the tip of the teardrop downward… “flutter” the carb like this. The glass piece will give you a nice visualization of this gradual introduction of fresh air to your vapor you can achieve with this system… it’s pretty sweet!

    The Vortex + Titanium Tip combo has been my first entry point into the dynaverse, so I can’t really compare it to anything. Though it definitely isn’t inexpensive, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and can recommend it for the price! On the Dynavap side, I’ve found the screen to be VERY hard to even budge from it’s default position. The bowl is already very small though, which I’d consider to be a feature in this case… the Ti tip (and surely the SS tip as well) can get a LOT out of very little.

    10/10, a great companion to my one other, session-style vaporizer.

  14. Jon (verified owner)

    First off the stem is just beautiful! It feels amazing to hold and that tear drop air port works so well, makes feathering it so easy. The draws are smooth,tastey and powerful. I love this stem and will definitely be getting another.

  15. Craig

    So when I first saw and heard of the Simrell Vortex my first gut reaction was ouch the price hit me and I was on the fence, saw an anodized one I had to have. Now after owning multiple for quite some time I can safely say that you will not be disappointed in any way. The craftsmanship that goes into each device is very easily seen and felt when holding in your hand and passing vapor through it. The cooling effect accomplished by intercooler is something you must experience for yourself.

  16. Michael Carroll

    OH MY! just hit my first vortex coming from using a dynavap standard M, the voretex simply RIPS! getting the most phenomenal airflow and clouds from the vortex, the vapor is cool and smooth, the stem is an all round pleasure to use, looks and feels outstanding, i wish i didnt hold off for so long, thankyou simrell collection.

  17. Javier Moreno

    hands down the best stem you can get for a dynavap. Believe the hype.

  18. donlstepp

    I can’t wait to get mine but since I’m here, I must say Simrell has great responses to my Questions.

  19. Bryan (verified owner)

    For myself, it is the most effective delivery system I have come across. Thank you Simrell!

  20. Bryan (verified owner)

    I’m finding the Titanium Vortex XL increases my the value of my SS & Ti tips…thank you!

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