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Welcome to the first all titanium dab device made to be a-dab-table to the Vortex Cooling System. A completely new experience brought to you by The Simrell Collection. With our concentrate system, you can efficiently take both microdose and macrodose extractions. The goal of this device is to maximize efficiency with very little material and reduce the amount of reclaim sucked into the system. 

While there are plenty of devices equipped to extract a large amount of material, we found that there was a gap in the market for a powerful microdosing tool. A lot of portable devices promote dipping your “Engine” directly into your retail container. Repeatedly doing this will degrade your material. With the dosing dish, you load your material and take your “dose” without degrading the surrounding material. 

The system is designed to be modular with swappable warheads, interchangeable cores and fully customizable.

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A threaded titanium head equipped with extra mass for longer heat retention. Precision air inlet holes on the side to reduce the amount of reclaim material that collects inside of the device. A 3-fin design for effective control of heat distribution and radial geometry for more efficient extraction. The Warhead is designed to deliver a compact and powerful extraction. 


As the bridge between the Warhead tip and A-Dab-Ter, you might not expect much more function from this piece of the system. But we specialize in cooling systems, so it’s only fitting that we added the intercooler to the core. Combine this with the intercooler in your stem and you’ve got a massive amount of surface area to cool vapor. 


Our Titanium Adapter got an upgrade. As the middleman between your stem and the Warhead Core, this component is a crucial part of the entire system. The 7-fin design effectively distributes the heat, keeping your stem cool. 

Bonus: you can also use this piece to turn your OG Vortex stem into a portable cooling system for use with devices like the POTV ONE, Fury line of products and XMAX V3 Pro!


Designed to give you the most efficient extraction, our Dosing Dish has an Iris designed for dosing and a moat to catch runaway material. And because it’s made of food-grade stainless steel, you can clean up the moat with another round of extraction using the Warhead, making it very easy to clean. 

Complete with a lid and built-in resting area for your stem, you can safely pack away your dosing dish or keep it on display. 


PLEASE NOTE** Due to the organic nature of wood, each stem will vary in grain/tone.

Meet the next generation in the Vortex family, the Modular Vortex System (MVS). Composed of a Stem and Stinger with the titanium Intercooler, this system was designed to be more modular and easy to clean.

Built for performance

Our Vortex technology has been merged together with our patented design, to not only add aesthetic customization, but also provide a cooler extraction and increased performance to your device. This hand crafted wood stem adds a natural thermal insulation element which keeps your stem cool during use. Each wood stem is fully lined for structural integrity and ease of cleaning. We have also featured our signature offset airport, which is designed to curate the perfect hit.

Modularity at its Finest

The core of the MVS is our Simrell Stinger – Ti Intercooler, Ti mouthpiece and a telescoping condenser.

Made to be adaptable to any OEM or aftermarket DynaVap stem, the Simrell Stinger was originally designed to be used with our Simrell stems.


Our titanium intercoolers work by elongating the vapor path and acting as a heat sink to extract heat from the vapor. The T-design on the intercoolers are a built-in safety feature to prevent inhalation. It also acts as a filter to stop scooby snacks coming through the screen. When cleaning, the intercooler is a great way to capture your reclaim as it scrapes the inside of the condenser when removed. This gives a great initial clean and is an optimal way to capture your reclaim if you’re into that sort of thing. Originally introduced with the unibody Vortex stem, the Intercooler is one of the main features of our Vortex System. We have since created NEW intercoolers to further modify your experience.

Even Easier to Clean & Maintain

The MVS is as easy to clean as it is to put together. Disassemble, remove intercooler from Stinger and soak the metal parts in ISO. Rinse clean and dry before putting it back together. Wipe out the inside of the wood stem with a Q-tip or pipe cleaner and condition the wood with the included wood conditioner.


Warhead Assembly Includes:

  • Titanium Warhead
  • Titanium Core
  • Titanium A-DAB-TER
  • Titanium Intercooler
  • Stainless Steel Dosing Dish

Modular Vortex Stem Includes:

  • Wood species of your choice ( Thuya Burl, Blackwood or Cocobolo)
  • Titanium Stinger mouthpiece
  • Condenser pack
  • XL Titanium Intercooler


**Patents pending

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Warhead Assembly

Add Warhead


Blackwood, Cocobolo, Thuya Burl, No stem


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