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14mm Titanium Water Piece Adapter

14mm Titanium Water Piece Adapter

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2ft of whip tubing

**Please note - The WPA does not fit in a Simrell Stash or Dynastash.

Want to use your stem with glass but don't want to scratch your mouthpiece in the process? We’ve got you covered. 

Our new Titanium 14mm water piece adapter makes your stem compatible with glass, 1/4" whips, and other dry herb extraction devices. 

Equipped with the same o-ring connection and telescoping feature as the Stinger mouthpiece, you can easily swap it out to create a glass connection for your stem. The three exterior o-rings provide an airtight seal without the metal on glass interface. 

No more need for a 10mm - 14mm adapter and you can still retain the sleek profile of the MVS on the go by easily swapping out the adapter for a stinger mouthpiece. 

This adapter does not come with a condenser or intercooler, those are sold separately in the parts section if those are needed.

((All stinger mouthpiece assemblies come with 2 condensers, so you can use that spare condenser for this application if you have one!))

More Ways to Use Your Stem and WPA

  • Swap out your stinger mouthpiece for the 14mm adapter to pair your stem directly to glass

  • Attach the 14mm adapter to one end of a whip, and the titanium adapter to the other end to create a connection with your Warhead set-up.

  • Attach the 14mm adapter to one end of a whip, and the Stinger mouthpiece without the condenser to the other side for a complete whip mouthpiece.

  • Attach the 14mm adapter to your simrell stem (( wood or Titanium )) and make your Fury/POTV water piece ready.

  • Attach the 14mm adapter to one end of a whip, and the Titanium adapter to the other end to pair your mighty/crafty to water.

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