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The Simrell Collection

NEW Wenge Simrell Stash

NEW Wenge Simrell Stash

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A perfect match

Take your sessions on the go with the Newly designed Simrell Stash. This stash can hold the Vortex and MVS stems, and features a spring loader for easy retrieval. Swivel the lid to access the storage compartment, fill it with your favorite herbs, and enjoy the Simrell Experience on the go.

Expertly crafted stash

As with all Simrell products, our stashes are built with a mantra of “simple sophistication”. Softened edges add a layer of depth and feel that sits comfortably in the hand or in your pocket. Turn the stash over and be engulfed by the flowing lines of hardwood. This stash will get you in the mood to vape!

Won’t break the bank

We’ve worked hard to create a combination of style, function, and value you can’t find anywhere else, and our stash/dynavap combo is the best deal available. We didn’t just pair together a vape and stash - they match! 


  • XL Stash Dimensions

-Height: 5 inches 

-Width: 1.4 inches

-Depth: 3/4 inches

-Storage: 2 inches x 1/2 inch 

  • Shorty Stash Dimensions

-Height: 4.3 inches

-Width: 1.4 inches

-Depth: 3/4 inches

-Storage: 2 inches x 1/2 inch




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Simply Sophisticated.

The Simrell Collection strives to fuse art with function without compromises.

Our products are built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind.

The Vortex System

Our patented Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow, while delivering a smooth, cool vapor experience.

Build Your Own
  • Free Shipping

    Shipping is on me with Domestic orders over $75

  • Designed & Manufactured in the USA

    Made in-house and produced in small quantities for optimum quality control.

  • Patented Technology

    Enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee on our Patented Vortex cooling system and sleek modern design.