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The Simrell Collection

Rifled Titanium Vortex

Rifled Titanium Vortex

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The NEW Rifled Vortex stem features a highly anticipated upgrade to the OG Unibody Vortex stem: a threaded condenser

We aim to solve problems, not cause more. The OG Unibody Vortex stem offers incredibly cool vapor and top-tier extraction performance. But with an integrated non removable condenser, the system can be difficult to clean every nook and cranny without soaking it in ISO or keeping up on the cleaning every few days. The threaded condenser solves this issue and uses the same patented Vortex system you know and love with even more intercooler options.

The updated design of the Rifled Vortex stem also allows for modification of your intercooler. Now compatible with ALL of our intercoolers, you can use the Rifled Vortex with any of the following intercoolers:

  • Standard (OG or MVS)
  • High Flow
  • XL Cooling 

But we couldn’t stop there. This stem also features a cosmetic upgrade that ((until now)) had only been seen on a handful of our custom wood stems, the Helix pattern.⁠

Dimensions: 79 mm x 10mm ( 109mm fully assembled with Dynavap Tip/Cap )

    Compatible with your vape gear

    Complete your Rifled Vortex stem with any of the following extraction engines:

    DynaVap Tip&Cap(for use with dry herb)

    FMJ(recommended for one-hit extractions with DynaVap tip & cap)

    Warhead Assembly(for use with concentrates)

    A-DAB-TER (for use with POTV One, Fury, and V3 Pro) 

    Mighty/Crafty adapter to pair it with your Mighty or Crafty

    Simply sophisticated

    The Vortex Stem is built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication." Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe. Our threaded Condenser eliminates the need for any O-rings to remove any wear parts. The distinctive 3 dimensionally milled Simrell logo is artistically offset from the airport. When you look at the logo head on, you can see straight through the airport, into the unobstructed airpath that creates the vortex.

    Easy to clean

    Cleaning the new Rifled Vortex Stem is easier than ever. The unibody design (( no o-rings )) and threaded condenser are made for easy and thorough cleaning.

    Remove the intercooler from the stem.Using the T-design end of the intercooler to remove the threaded condenser.You can then use a q-tip, Iso, and Iso wipe to clean your device quickly.For heavy use, Soak parts in rubbing alcohol (we recommend using isopropyl alcohol, with an alcohol content of 91% or higher, to protect anodizing).Rinse and dry thoroughly.Assemble and vape!

    The Simrell difference

    Simrell products add sophistication and class with designs driven by obsession. We have high standards for our personal sessions, and it shows in the tools we make to perfect them.

    The entire Simrell Collection is made with passion, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Indulge yourself.

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    Offset Airport = Game Changer

    With other Stems, air enters the airport and randomly disperses around the condenser tube before reaching the heated extraction. With the Vortex Stem, air spirals around the condenser, mixing with the vapor in the mixing chamber, creating a literal vortex that pulls the vapor out of your material for denser, thicker hits. The airport’s teardrop shape and tapered edge let you fine-tune the airflow like never before.

    Coolest Vapor Around

    The Vortex Stem’s durable, medical-grade titanium intercooler produces some of the coolest, smoothest vapor you can get, with even more airflow. Its spiral shape lengthens the vapor path and creates more surface area to cool the vapor before reaching your lips and filtering out bits from your material so you don't end up with Scooby snacks. We believe there can be too much of a good thing, so we made sure to properly balance the options to not strip all the flavor from your material. With to much cooling, means loss in flavor and vapor potency.

    • Standard Titanium Intercooler

      This is the intercooler that started it all. It’s perfectly balanced for most styles when it comes to draw speed, flavor and comfort. We recommend starting here.

    • Flavorful High Flow Intercooler

      This intercooler has an easier pull and more flavor than the Standard, but with a downtick in comfort and vapor purity. It’s the same length as the Standard intercooler, but with fewer twists.

    • XL Cooling Intercooler

      Vapor from the XL intercooler is cleaner and cooler, with a tighter draw and reduced flavor. It’s longer than the other intercoolers and only fits XL MVS configurations. We recommend this intercooler and the XL MVS for those with sensitive throats. It’s like a pocket bong!