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The Simrell Collection

Shorty Thuya Burl Vortex w/ Dynavap Ti Tip & Captive Cap

Shorty Thuya Burl Vortex w/ Dynavap Ti Tip & Captive Cap

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FMJ & Lighter

We crafted this Simrell Short Wood Vortex kit to be irresistible. It’s a complete dry herb vaporizer kit with the DynaVap Titanium tip and cap, and a cooling stem for the Simrell Warhead, Storz & Bickel Mighty+ vape, or any other vaporizer you can connect it to. At $99, this is our most aggressive offer yet - incredible vapor, versatility and value with the Simrell artisan touch.

You don’t just come to the Simrell Collection for performance and innovation, you also expect class and style, and you’ll find it all in our wood stems. Each one is artisanal hand-crafted in the USA out of Thuya Burl to show off nature’s beautiful grains and patterns. Due to this reason, all Stems will vary in wood tone and grain making each one incredibly unique. Thuya Burl stems can naturally have voids or deep grain in the burl area, there is no need to worry as that just adds even more character to your piece. 

**Each Vortex will be shipped in a complimentary storage tube along with some wood conditioner that we make here in house, to keep your wood stem conditioned.

A complete Simrell Vapcap

The Simrell Short Wood Vortex kit is a complete dry herb vaporizer ready to roll out of the box. It pairs a DynaVap Captive Cap and Titanium Tip with our Patented Vortex system for unmatched comfort and quality from a portable vaporizer. We prefer the titanium tip to stainless steel, and think you will appreciate its superior control as your Vapcap skills grow. With the option to set a half bowl ( 0.05 grams ) or a full bow ( 0.1 grams ) you get the best of both words with the Dynavap Tip offerings.

Insane Value

This package deal is as good as it gets. Nowhere else can you get this level of performance and versatility for $99, let alone with Simrell style and sophistication. And it gets even better if you add a Full Metal Jacket and lighter!

Add Full Metal Jacket and Aomai torch lighter for $10

Grab these two popular accessories and save money! The Simrell Full Metal Jacket, or the Simrell FMJ, is a game changer and has been called “the best $10 you can spend on a DynaVap”. It’s like adding NOS to your car and making it easier to drive, for a true one-hitter style! Once installed, you’ll enjoy bigger hits, fewer heat cycles, and never have to twirl your Vapcap again!

The Aomai single flame jet torch lighter with flint roll ignition, its simple, small and effective. Take full command of the temperature without filling up your pocket.

Unmatched versatility with other vapes

Simrell Vortex stems cool the vapor from a number of different vaporizers, and this Short Wood Vortex is no different. They fit natively into the POTV ONE and V3 Pro, Healthy Rips Rogue, Fenix Pro, and Ed’s TNT Woodscents, as well as any vape that uses a cooling stem with a 12mm outer diameter. We also have an adapter to fit our Vortex to the Mighty+ / Crafty+. More adapters and configurations are on the way!

Easy to clean

Simrell wood stems are easy to clean. All you need is a glass of rubbing alcohol, a pipe cleaner, some warm water, and the Simrell wood wax that came with the stem. Here’s what you do:

Remove the intercooler, soak it in alcohol, rinse and dry.

Dip a pipe cleaner in rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe down the inside of the condenser tube, and the spaces between the metal lining and the condenser tube. 

Dip the pipe cleaner in warm water and wipe away any alcohol left behind.

Wait for everything to dry, reassemble, and apply wood wax to maintain the finish.

Every wood piece comes with a complimentary wood conditioner for care and maintenance. We recommend conditioning your stem with every cleaning, or every two weeks.

The Simrell difference

Simrell products add sophistication and class with designs driven by obsession. We have high standards for our personal sessions, and it shows in the tools we make to perfect them.

The entire Simrell Collection is made in-house, with passion, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Indulge yourself.

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Signature Simrell Offset Airport

These wood stems feature a unique Simrell innovation - the offset airport. Fine tune the vapor-to-air ratio like never before, and extract more with reduced turbulence and a spiral vortex air flow.

The Wood Difference

Our Thuya Burl selections aren’t just gorgeous, they’re serious performers. We lined the interior of each stem with stainless steel for exceptional durability and performance. If you like to vape multiple bowls back-to-back-to-back, your fingers will thank you for the Simrell Short Wood Vortex! Vape as much as you want…these wood stems won’t overheat!

Mates With Glass

Did you know you can hit these directly on a bubbler? The mouthpiece end of a Short Wood Vortex stem mates with 10mm female scientific glass joints. It’s never been easier to enjoy water-conditioned hits from a vaporizer! As a bonus, the Intercooler filters out the debris so it doesn't end up in your piece.

  • Standard Titanium Intercooler

    This is the intercooler that started it all. It’s perfectly balanced for most styles when it comes to draw speed, flavor and comfort. We recommend starting here. (Fits all MVS configurations.)

  • Flavorful High Flow Intercooler

    This intercooler has an easier pull and more flavor than the Standard, but with a downtick in comfort and vapor purity. It’s the same length as the Standard intercooler, but with fewer twists. (Fits both unibody Vortex and MVS configurations.)

  • DynaVap

    The original way to use the Vortex. No adapter needed. Just attach a tip & cap.

  • Warhead System

    The Simrell Collection's flagship concentrate delivery device, compatible with the A-DAB-TER

  • Storz & Bickel

    Cool down your Mighty/Crafty experience with our Mighty adapter.


    Compatible without an adapter due to 12mm outer diameter.