Client Reviews


“At first glance it looks like a standard stem you can pick up anywhere, but you would be completely misled. The Vortex does not function like anything I have ever purchase before. Alone the vortex cooling is very very comfortable, but with introduction of the intercooler brings the Vortex into overdrive.”

– Fritz


“I own a Dynavap Omni XL in titanium, but decided to try the Vortex on somewhat of an impulse buy. The difference is noticeable, and I feel like I have better control over the air flow, which isn’t very restricted even with the carb completely closed. Also, the simple all-in-one design has a nice aesthetic in addition to the improved functionality compared to the omni.

To me, this was well worth the cost, considering that the Dynavap was already my favorite Thermal Extraction Device and this just makes the extraction even more succulent and fluffy. I would honestly recommend the Vortex to anyone seeking the most satisfying vaping experience.

Getting “no regerts” etched on my vortex.”

– Dustin


“Got the Vortex a few months back now and I absolutely love it. Its completely replaced any of my other vapcaps. Its my go to every day! Thanks for such an amazing product!”

– Derek


“Absolutely outstanding!! Besides how beautiful this thing is the vortex/intercooler technology is amazing. Completely reduces the harshness that sometimes I find with the Dynavap. A little pricey but it’s well worth it if you enjoy the Dynavap!”

– Kevin

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