The Simrell Collection

OG Titanium Vortex w/ Titanium Intercooler

OG Titanium Vortex w/ Titanium Intercooler

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The Simrell Collection

OG Titanium Vortex w/ Titanium Intercooler

OG Titanium Vortex w/ Titanium Intercooler

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Our first Titanium Vortex that started down our path of production products and Titanium manufacturing. This Patented, Industry leading cooling system is a little pocket rocket that can deliver cool tasty rips, or you can remove the intercooler for an experience that's bound to make you look at your device and question how the hell it slaps like an angry mother back in the '90s. The Vortex will come with a standard titanium intercooler. 

  ** Vortex will ship in a complimentary storage tube

Compatible with your vape gear

The Vortex isn’t just another stem - it’s a vapor cooling system you can use with any vape you can connect it to. Not only does it work with the Simrell Warhead and all titanium or stainless steel DynaVap tips, but it also mates with some of the market’s most popular vapes. 

Simply sophisticated

The Vortex Stem is built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication." Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe. Our Integrated Condenser eliminates the need for any O-rings to remove any wear parts. The distinctive 3 dimensionally milled Simrell logo is artistically offset from the airport. When you look at the logo head on, you can see straight through the airport, into the unobstructed airpath that creates the vortex.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Vortex Stem couldn’t be easier, due to its unibody design without o-rings. Remove the intercooler from the stem, wipe with and ISO wipe, and clean the condenser with a Q-tip soaked in ISO. For heavier build-up, soak both parts in some rubbing alcohol, Rinse, dry, assemble, and its ready to use!

The Simrell difference

Simrell products add sophistication and class with designs driven by obsession. We have high standards for our personal sessions, and it shows in the tools we make to perfect them.

The entire Simrell Collection is made with passion, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Indulge yourself.

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Mates With Glass

Did you know you can hit these directly on a bubbler? The mouthpiece end of a Shorty Vortex stem mates with 10mm female scientific glass joints. It’s never been easier to enjoy water-conditioned hits from a vaporizer! As a bonus, the Intercooler filters out the debris so it doesn't end up in your piece. 

Like any metal contact on a ground glass joint, it can mark the stem. However, unless you baby it, you'll get marks on it with daily use, so each one will have its own character from use. Look at it like love marks!

  • Standard Titanium Intercooler

    This is the intercooler that started it all. It’s perfectly balanced for most styles when it comes to draw speed, flavor and comfort. We recommend starting here.

  • Flavorful High Flow Intercooler

    This intercooler has an easier pull and more flavor than the Standard, but with a downtick in comfort and vapor purity. It’s the same length as the Standard intercooler, but with fewer twists.

  • DynaVap

    No adapter is needed. Just attach any Dynavap Tip & Cap.

  • Warhead System

    The Simrell Collection's flagship concentrate delivery device, compatible with the Compact Warhead System.

  • Storz & Bickel

    Cool down your Mighty/Crafty experience with our Mighty adapter.


    Compatible when used with the A-DAB-TER