The Simrell Collection

Flat Stinger Mouthpiece

Flat Stinger Mouthpiece

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The Simrell Collection

Flat Stinger Mouthpiece

Flat Stinger Mouthpiece

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***Due to the Geometry of the Flat Mouthpiece, it is not compatible with the current stinger condensers. The flats reduced the amount of the condenser that could be inserted, so new, shorter condensers had to be produced. Grab just this mouthpiece if you have already acquired the new condenser pack from the Assembly. 

Introducing our newest addition, the Titanium Flat Stinger Assembly, featuring an optional airflow valve and your choice of a Titanium Intercooler. The updated geometry of this assembly provides a secure and hands-free stem experience, accompanied by an incredibly comfortable mouthfeel. We have maintained the tapered design to seamlessly complement our existing creations, while also allowing compatibility with 10mm water pieces.

With the inclusion of the optional Airflow Valve, you can now finely modulate the airflow on any of our MVS Stems. Simply rotate your mouthpiece to adjust your desired fresh air/vapor ratio. This modular system also extends airflow adjustment capabilities to OEM Dynavap stems, opening up new possibilities for customization.

Previously, we offered two mouthpiece models, one stationary and one spinning. However, we have made adjustments to enable the new mouthpiece to convert into a spinning mouthpiece with ease. Simply remove the exterior o-rings and add the spinning mouthpiece components, unlocking a range of exciting features.

By converting the mouthpiece into a spinning configuration, you gain the ability to auto-flutter your airport effortlessly. Just spin the stem back and forth to engage the airport, eliminating the need to locate it manually. Additionally, you can dynamically adjust the fresh air-to-vapor ratio on the fly, further enhancing your vaping experience.

Included in the Package:

  • Titanium Mouthpiece
  • To achieve the full vortex experience, all you need is the new mouthpiece, condenser pack, and a Simrell Stem. Attach your preferred tip and cap, and you're ready to embark on a remarkable vaping journey.

Upgrade your vaping setup with our Titanium Flat Stinger Assembly and discover a new level of performance and customization. Order now and elevate your vaping experience to unprecedented heights.

Please Note** The stinger mouthpiece is not adaptable to the Unibody Vortex System. 

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The Simrell Collection strives to fuse art with function without compromises.

Our products are built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind.

The Vortex System

Our patented Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow, while delivering a smooth, cool vapor experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Smooth and so cool to optimise expérience

Top class mouthpiece.

A great alternative to the og stinger mouthpiece. With its narrower port and flat profile it's a marked difference. The anodised choices let you really personalise your experience. Paired with a micro stem and tip of your choice it's as good as it gets. Thank you to the Simrell Collection for all your effort. Awesome company

Nick Houghton
Terrific Piece

This is my absolute favorite mouthpiece I own. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their setup.


New to all this and looking forward to gettin my hands on more items from simrell as soon as available. collection all started with the scoopy scoop.

Steve B
A good addition

The advantage over the original stinger is the ease in ability to vertically align with airport. One down side is that it's. Ore difficult to align to airflow valve with the mouthpiece itself. Improved mouthful overal.