The Simrell Collection

Blackwood Mini Water Piece Stem ( 10mm & 14mm capabilities )

Blackwood Mini Water Piece Stem ( 10mm & 14mm capabilities )

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The Simrell Collection

Blackwood Mini Water Piece Stem ( 10mm & 14mm capabilities )

Blackwood Mini Water Piece Stem ( 10mm & 14mm capabilities )

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The exotic wood Mini WPA Stem is our solution for a compact water piece system. The ergonomic design makes clearing your water piece very easy and also protects your hands from slipping and touching the hot end of the device. Think of this stem as your little compact handle!

Pair this stem with our stinger mouthpiece and Torch-powered engine of your choice and you have a small, compact little 14mm/10mm water piece system that's the size of an M Stem fully assembled if paired with a Dynavap Tip/cap.

With our optional condenser & Intercooler kit, you can have a built in dry catch to keep your water clean. It also adds that extra cooling needed in such a small, compact design if you decide to run it natively. ( Micro Condenser & MicroCooler is only compatible with the standard stinger and not the flat mouthpiece due to the limited room in the compact design )

 You don’t just come to the Simrell Collection for performance and innovation; you also expect class and style, and you’ll find it all in our wood stems. Each one is artisanal hand-crafted in the USA out of exotic wood to show off nature’s beautiful grains and patterns. 


  • Fully lined with Stainless Steel 
  • No airport
  • Fits natively in 10mm & 14mm water pieces when paired with a stinger mouthpiece 
  • optional Condenser kit 
  • Made in USA 

 Dimension: 45mm x 15.5mm ( 74mm with a Dynavap Tip/Cap )


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The Simrell Collection strives to fuse art with function without compromises.

Our products are built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nate B
Best wpa ever...

I was on the fence with a vestratto WPA and decided to look for something else, I also wanted to cross utilize my dyna and anvil/USA so I decided to search out a micro stem. There are alot of crappy wpa's out there (silicone, cheap glass, cheap wood) so I thought I'd look here to see to if I missed anything (I own one the original wpa's simrell made for a 14mm female stem a while ago but needed to go 10mm and found this new blackwood wpa. It's the best! Doesn't get hot, super small and makes using a water piece for dabs act more like a slide-style water bong instead of its intended use to hold a banger static. Also I use micro tubes so having a 2.5 inch stem with a stinger mouthpiece is wayyyyy to long- this solves that problem and I can comfortably hit my micro/nano rigs with either my dyn or anvil like a slide tem bong from the good ol' days (only way smaller) don't sleep on this!!!!!! I hope this dude makes more options in materials for this design, I bought 2 of the blackwood ones, also I might have to justify buying a new rig because now I want both set up with different tips and caps lol. I 100% recommend this.

Jacob B.
Top end mini performance

This little piece is quite impressive. Can't believe an intercooler is able to fit in its. It looks clean and flush in a 14mm joint and works as one would hope, even pretty decently with native hits!