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Vestratto Anvil w/ XL Bowl

Vestratto Anvil w/ XL Bowl

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The Simrell Collection

Vestratto Anvil w/ XL Bowl

Vestratto Anvil w/ XL Bowl

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The Vestratto Anvil leverages its patented copper core and thermal battery to maximize the extraction from your herb in a single inhalation. This represents the next significant advancement in a heavy-hitting thermal extraction device. So much so, the best explanation is " Dabbing with flower". The Anvil's CopperCore guarantees uniform heat dispersion, facilitating thorough vaporization without the need for device rotation. The addition of the new ThermoCore build further enhances heat retention and durability, pushing the boundaries of the Anvil's performance. The predictability of its behavior allows you to push your oven to the brink of combustion, maximizing vaporization efficiency and delivering a consistent experience with every use.

With the newly updated stem, you can adjust the airflow on your system by simply twisting the oven and control how freely or restrictive your hit is. The Top copper band on the oven can be used as a target to get lower temp and more flavorful extraction while the bottom Thermal Battery is targeted for those dense, heavy, dark roast extractions. I usually recommend aiming your torch at the gap between the oven and thermal battery band. This is a good place to start and then dial your preference in from there. Also, The stock heat shield allows you to pair the Anvil with a 14mm water piece.

If you like the FMJ we created for Dynavap, this Anvil is the next best upgrade. Exceeding the capabilities of the FMJ. When paired with the XL bowl, you can get a larger extraction with more bud ( .2g ) and even longer session time. This Anvil feels very much like a portable desk top in the way it hits. 

With this device being more powerful then what most are used to, a more powerful torch is recommended. I really like the Blazer Firefox personally, but some folks also recommend the Ronx torch ( this can be found on amazon ). The moral of the story is if you're a Dynavap user, you will need a beefier single flame than what you normally use.

This is the best time to dive into the Anvil as Vestratto has really pushed the boundaries, refined the extraction experience and airflow adjustability. If you're interested in this system, I would also recommend checking out the additional parts you can add to customize your experience even further, from the USA Adapter that enables you to use this system on any of our Vortex/MVS stems or even adding an XL Mouthpiece and new Exotic Wood Heat Shields we have created for this system. 


Whats Included:

  • Anvil Mouthpiece, Stem and ThermoCore Oven 
  • XL Bowl 
  • Carbon Heat Shield 
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Customer Reviews

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Awesome device

From the first used Anvil became my favorite vaporizer. I am very happy with the purchase and I can fully recommend this device to all fans of butane vaporizers.