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XL Hyper 9

XL Hyper 9

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The Simrell Collection

XL Hyper 9

XL Hyper 9

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Meet our new powerhouse: The Hyper 9. This system combines the new Vortex V2 stem with a Simrell x Dynavap exclusive tip: The Titanium 9-Fin SE. The Hyper 9 is designed to deliver the best performance you can get from a vapcap. This hyper vape is one of the most high-performance vapes on the market, with twin turbulent airports, a multi-stage cooling and filtration system, and a titanium tip with a thicker bowl built for one-hit extractions. Pair this tip with the FMJ or an Armored Cap for even more flavor.


XL Vortex V2: The newly designed and more refined Vortex.

  • Measures 79mm x 10mm
  • Titanium unibody stem 
  • Helix design
  • 10mm mouthpiece 
  • Twin turbulent airports
    • Teardrop shape allows for manual precision airflow control
    • Help deliver cooler and more flavorful vapor
  • Notched and threaded condenser
    • Easy installation and removal for cleaning
  • Patented multi-stage titanium cooling system. Customize your extraction by switching out the Intercooler.
    • Stage 1: No Intercooler
    • Stage 2: High Flow Intercooler
      • Acts like a filter (for fine particles) without blocking airflow, easy to clean.
    • Stage 3: Max Cooling Intercooler
      • A tighter draw with cooler vapor, also acts as a filter for fine particles.
  • Comes with two intercoolers
    • High-flow Intercooler
    • New Longer Standard Cooling Intercooler
  • Hand finish to eliminate machine marks 
  • Made in the USA


Titanium 9-Fin SE Tip: Helical 9-Fin Design

  • Exclusive Simrell x DynaVap tip
  • 9-Fin construction: increases heat distribution and reduces heat transfer
  • 3-Helical heat exchange channels with 4 grooves for improved airflow
  • Adjust-a-Bowl feature for easy micro-dosing
  • Thicker bowl chamber for more conduction and heat retention 
  • Built for one-hit extractions
  • Compatible with all CCDs
  • Compatible with all DynaVap models (including the Omni)
  • Manufactured under license with DynaVap
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a Captive Cap and will fit in any standard size DynaStash.

**Raw Titanium Ships right away. Anodized Tips are made to order, please allow 1-3 business days for your piece to be made, order to be processed, and then shipped. Please note that anodizing shades may vary slightly. If you are interested in a matching mouthpiece and tip I would recommend ordering together so we can match them the best we can while both pieces are here. 

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Simply Sophisticated.

The Simrell Collection strives to fuse art with function without compromises.

Our products are built from medical grade titanium, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the consumer in mind.

The Vortex System

Our patented Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow, while delivering a smooth, cool vapor experience.

Build Your Own
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  • Designed & Manufactured in the USA

    Made in-house and produced in small quantities for optimum quality control.

  • Patented Technology

    Enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee on our Patented Vortex cooling system and sleek modern design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Level Up

The Hyper XL 9 is undoubtedly at the top of its class. Love the way it pulls just the way you tell it too.

Jay Shah
Shifted the vaping paradigm

The aesthetic, the engineering and physics, and depth of extraction are things that are very hard to verbalize about the XL Hyper 9, and attributes whose impact can only be felt. I started my Simrell journey in Nov 2023 with the SS vortex system, and have since bought the microstem modular system, and the XL Hyper 9. The 9-fin tip, the beautifully (Gordon Ramsay voice) rifled titanium body, and dual turbulent airflow create an undisputed vaping experience.

Jimmy M
Understated Luxury

I had originally purchased an all-in-one exotic wood piece and was so impressed with the quality that I immediately placed another order for the Hyper 9.

It exceeded every expectation. The absolute best that you can experience in a dry vape. The Vortex system, dual air-holes, and custom tip combine with multiple intercooler options to allow for precise air-flow control and the coolest vapor experience possible.

The quality craftsmanship and subtle details make impressive to hold in hand, reminiscent of handling a high-quality fountain pen.

Paramount is Austyn’s individualized customer service and willingness to work with his customer. Quality product. Quality people. Quality experience.

Still the best!

I bought a Vortex a couple of years ago and it became my favorite device. It draws, perfectly. It hits exactly the way I like it to hit. It is dead simple to maintain (which is to say that I rarely clean it and it is still fine...)

Recently, I picked up an Omni XL and it is very good also but, does not match the simplicity or the vapor quality (at least the cool temp) that my Vortex does. So, when the XL Hyper 9 became available, I jumped at it. And, it is just perfect. I would say that it draws similarly to my Vortex but, cooler. I could not be happier with my purchase.

This device embodies the spirit of the expression, "cry once, buy once" - worth every penny and I am thrilled with both of my Simrell stems.

Very pleased to see Simrell expand and consider me a customer for life!

Richard Harris
Amazing unit

If you're looking for a high-end dynavap here you go!