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Titanium A-DAB-TER

Titanium A-DAB-TER

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The Simrell Collection

Titanium A-DAB-TER

Titanium A-DAB-TER

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Our Titanium Adapter got an upgrade! Initially introduced with the Warhead System, the A-DAB-TER is essential to our concentrate system. Previous iterations of the Titanium Adapter, were intended to turn your Vortex stem into a cooling system for use with other thermal extraction devices.

The A-DAB-TER has a number of applications, making it a great addition to your collection. 

Compatible with MVS stems and Unibody Vortex stems.


Warhead System: As the middleman between your stem and the Warhead Core, this component is a crucial part of the entire system. The 7-fin design effectively distributes the heat, keeping your stem cool. New to the Warhead? Get the entire Warhead system here.

Cooling System: You can also use this piece to turn your OG Vortex stem into a portable cooling system for use with devices like the POTV ONE, the Fury line of products, and the XMAX V3 Pro!

Micro + Macrodosing Friendly

While there are plenty of devices equipped to extract a large amount of material, we found that there was a gap in the market for a powerful microdosing tool. The Warhead system is perfect for both microdosing and macrodosing, your choice.

The Dosing Dish

A lot of portable devices promote dipping your “Engine” directly into your retail container. Repeatedly doing this will degrade your material.

With the dosing dish included with the Warhead system, you load your material and take your “dose” without degrading the surrounding material. 


The Warhead system is designed to be modular with swappable warheads, interchangeable cores, and full ability customize your experience.

Compact Warhead Package

The entire Warhead Assembly Includes: Titanium Warhead, Titanium Core, Titanium A-DAB-TER, Titanium Intercooler, Stainless Steel Dosing Dish, Short Titanium Vortex and Titanium Intercooler.

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The First All Titanium Dab Device made to be a-dab-table to the Vortex Cooling System

Patents Pending

A completely new experience brought to you by The Simrell Collection.

With our concentrate system, you can efficiently take both microdose and macrodose extractions.

The goal of this device is to maximize efficiency with very little material and reduce the amount of reclaim sucked into the system.

The Parts

Titanium Warhead

A threaded titanium head equipped with extra mass for longer heat retention.

Precision air inlet holes on the side to reduce the amount of reclaim material that collects inside of the device.

A 3-fin design for effective control of heat distribution and radial geometry for more efficient extraction.

The Warhead is designed to deliver a compact and powerful extraction. 

Titanium Core

As the bridge between the Warhead tip and A-Dab-Ter, you might not expect much more function from this piece of the system. But we specialize in cooling systems, so it’s only fitting that we added the intercooler to the core.

Combine this with the intercooler in your stem and you’ve got a massive amount of surface area to cool vapor. 

Titanium A-DAB-TER

As the middleman between your stem and the Warhead Core, this component is a crucial part of the entire system. The 7-fin design effectively distributes the heat, keeping your stem cool.

The Standard A-DAB-TER also acts as an adapter to pair your Vortex stem to other devices like POTV ONE, V3 PRO and Fury vaporizers.

SS Dosing Dish

Designed to give you the most efficient extraction, our Dosing Dish has an Iris designed for dosing and a moat to catch runaway material. Being made of food-grade stainless steel, you can clean up the moat with another round of extraction using the Warhead, making it very easy to clean. Complete with a lid and built-in resting area for your stem, you can safely pack away your dosing dish or keep it on display. 

Shorty Titanium Vortex

This sophisticated Vapor delivery system is built for performance. Adding cooling and airflow to condition the vapor for cool and smooth tasty rips.

The Unibody construction is incredibly durable and build to last. With a 10mm taper, you can easily mate the system to a glass piece if your choose.