The Simrell Collection

Titanium M.V.S. Builder

Titanium M.V.S. Builder

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The Simrell Collection

Titanium M.V.S. Builder

Titanium M.V.S. Builder

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Build your own Modular Vortex configuration. Choose your Intercooler, Color and Size. 

Please note* Titanium Anodized color may vary slightly from the photos due to the anodizing process. Each Color is made to order. Please allow up to 4-6 business days for your custom color to be produced and then shipped out!


Mini MVS - 63mm x 12mm ( 92mm fully assembled with Dynavap Tip/Cap )

XL MVS - 81mm x 12mm ( 110mm fully assembled with Dynavap Tip/Cap )

Compatible with your vape gear

The Modular Vortex System isn’t just another stem - it’s a vapor cooling system you can use with any vape you can connect it to. Not only does it work with the Simrell Warhead and all titanium or stainless steel DynaVap tips, but it also mates with some of the market’s most popular vapes. 

Easy to clean

Disassemble, soak, reassemble - it’s that easy. When you notice a drop in taste or performance, it’s time to clean your MVS. Pull everything apart, including the intercooler from the condenser tube, soak all the parts in isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher), let them dry and reassemble.

The Simrell difference

Simrell products add sophistication and class with designs driven by obsession. We have high standards for our personal sessions, and it shows in the tools we make to perfect them.

The entire Simrell Collection is made with passion, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Indulge yourself.

What's in the Box

- Your choice of Titanium Mouthpiece

- Condenser pack ( XL & Short )

- Titanium Intercooler of your Choice

- Titanium Regulator 

- Titanium Valve of your choice

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Standard mouthpiece, or spinning?

Both configurations cool your vapor on anything you attach them to, but the Standard mouthpiece is easier to install than the Spinning one. So why get the Spinning mouthpiece? It’s an old-school Vapcap option that some diehards love. If you twirl your DynaVap with a tight grip, the Spinning mouthpiece is a game-changer! It just takes a little longer to install.

No matter which mouthpiece you choose, they come with the Dual condenser set that fits any stem from 45mm - 85mm long, and is adjustable on-the-fly.

Long or Short stem?

Short and sleek or long and classy? It’s more than just aesthetic. The XL MVS is for heavy use and the coolest, comfiest hits, while the Mini MVS is more flavorful with a smaller profile. Flutter the XL airport for denser hits, or set the Mini to one-quarter open and give it a full rip!

Your Perfect Intercooler

These intercoolers chill and refine the vapor for a smooth, comfy hit. The question is, how cool do you want it? We offer three styles, each with its own blend of draw speed, flavor and comfort.

Our titanium intercoolers stretch the vapor path and extract heat from the vapor for cooler, cleaner hits. Their T-shaped tops lock into place and filter out unwanted bits.

If you like to collect reclaim from your vapes, you’ll love how intercoolers capture it all and scrape it out as you pull them out of the condenser tubes. So easy!

  • MVS Standard Titanium Intercooler

    This is the intercooler that started it all. It’s perfectly balanced for most styles when it comes to draw speed, flavor and comfort. We recommend starting here. (Fits all MVS configurations.)

  • Flavorful High Flow Intercooler

    This intercooler has an easier pull and more flavor than the Standard, but with a downtick in comfort and vapor purity. It’s the same length as the Standard intercooler, but with fewer twists. (Fits both unibody Vortex and MVS configurations.)

  • XL Cooling Intercooler

    Vapor from the XL intercooler is cleaner and cooler, with a tighter draw and reduced flavor. It’s longer than the other intercoolers and only fits XL MVS configurations. We recommend this intercooler and the XL MVS for those with sensitive throats. It’s like a pocket bong!

  • The Flavor Chaser

    This configuration shortens the vapor path as much as possible for the best flavor. The easier pulls are a little warmer than other MVS configurations, but the stronger flavor is worth it to taste hounds. The spinning mouthpiece evenly distributes the heat for that perfect taste.

  • The Icicle

    This combo pairs our longest vapor path with our longest MVS stem for startling cool hits. Flavor drops a tad and the draw is a little tighter, but the comfort can’t be denied!

  • The Perfect Zen

    This is where it all started. Our Standard Intercooler and XL Valve create the perfect balance of comfort, taste and draw speed, and an easy-to-assemble mouthpiece. This is a good place to start if you think you will later branch out into some of the other hit styles.

  • DynaVap

    The original way to use the MVS. No adapter needed. Just attach a tip & cap.

  • Warhead System

    The Simrell Collection's flagship concentrate delivery device, compatible with the A-DAB-TER

  • Storz & Bickel

    Cool down your Mighty/Crafty experience with our Mighty adapter.


    Compatible without an adapter due to 12mm outer diameter.